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Houston, we have a problem!  The e-commerce industry is expanding rapidly, growing like no other industry seen before in modern times.  Understanding the purpose of fulfillment centers and flexible, adaptable, and affordable warehousing has been more of a topic to learn, and finding the right solution truly becomes a problem.    As an e-commerce startup, your business craves a budget-friendly solution where you can get the space you need, without the long-term, oversized, and not to mention expensive overhead “solution”.

You may think that for now, you have one option and maybe two if you adapt your space needs to traditional office space, but option one becomes running your business from your home, or your garage, and although this may feel very Silicon Valley-style, in these times, this option is not only unproductive but a non-starter for your business.  Things are moving quickly in the business world, if you don’t stay relevant, if you don’t stay productive, things can quickly change for you and your business and not in a good way.  So, what’s the solution really?  Well, let us introduce to you Kefi Spaces, a new, modern, vibrant, productive, flexible, and affordable warehouse space that suits exactly what your business needs without the expensive and extra space that your startup does not need right now.

This option let’s call it the “ideal option” is co-warehousing, available at Kefi Spaces.  This new form of warehousing includes leasing a space in a shared warehouse facility designed to support the needs of your small business and 100s of others more, that simply want to produce, pack, and ship their products to their customers in a blink of an eye.  Kefi Spaces has built a model, that’s relatively new but that makes sense for your pocket, for your space needs, the logistics capabilities that you are looking for and mainly to put you in front of a community of entrepreneurs that want to thrive together in a modern world, like the one we are in today.

What does Kefi Spaces offer?

The right size for your business, often large warehouse spaces mean unused space and means a waste of money.  With Kefi, you pay exactly for the space you need, and you can scale as you grow, plus it has access to loading docks, freight equipment, on-demand labor, conference rooms, security, and even a top-notch photo studio.  The best part, is it’s all in one place.

Flexible terms that can adapt to the uncertainty and to the change, this really means that no matter what your business faces, Kefi Spaces offers the ability to adapt and expand with your needs, with affordable and fair pricing, flexible contracts with month-to-month memberships, turnkey solutions without having to deal with unnecessary spaces for crazy long-terms that can hurt your business’ pockets in such a crucial time, the startup time.

Another great benefit, Kefi Spaces has to offer in the community, the community is probably one of the most empowering parts of Kefi apart from all the other perks and benefits, and that is because you are accessing a community of other entrepreneurs that face the same challenges and victories as you, with a community like this, the network opportunities, the growth, and the partnership chances are endless.

Looking to take your business to the next stage of success?  Contact Kefi Spaces, (713) 661-2701 or visit

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