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Kefi Spaces Series 1
Investment Opportunity

We are an operator with a proven track record of success in the “space as a service” business. We have opened our Co-Warehouse facility in Houston directly in the “DESIGN DISTRICT” of the Heights.

  • This premier is one of the only climate-controlled facilities in the area.
  • We are planning additional locations throughout Houston, then Texas, and then other NFL Cities.
  • We are planning a major upgrade with 2 buildings on our existing 9-acre property in Sugar Land,
  • Investors will be allowed to invest in the entire business park which has excellent returns today and better after the additional buildings are built and leased up!
  • This is also a great model for a future franchise and/or REIT.

Kefi Spaces

Houston, TX – Design District

Kefi Spaces is setting up Co-Warehouses in Houston with Climate Controlled and Non-Climate Controlled warehouses providing all of the amenities of Co-Working.

Minimum Commitment:

Invest Now

Imperial Business Parks

Sugar Land, TX – Voss Road & Hwy 6

Expansion is in the works. Investment Opportunity Coming Soon.

We are planning on expanding Kefi Spaces to our Sugar Land “revenue generating” business Park, Imperial Business Park. Existing investors will have the first right to invest in future developments.

Invest Now

Self-Storage has always been a phenomenal investment opportunity and is considered “recession proof”.

Long before Covid, Co-Working was changing the way people office, and now, post Covid, Co-working has taken off.

E-Commerce has taken a foothold long before Covid and is growing at the rate of 22% per year (according to Morgan Stanley). E-Commerce entrepreneurs need to move out of their garages, out of mini-storage, out of small warehouses…

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We are looking for accredited investors and if you are interested in this opportunity, I’d love to share our PitchDeck.

We are raising a fund to acquire warehouses, renovate, and generate 3 – 5X the monthly revenue over traditional leases while providing income and equity for our investors.

Kefi Spaces is setting up Co-Warehouses in Houston with Climate Controlled and Non-Climate Controlled warehouses providing all of the amenities of Co-Working (secure high-speed internet, 24-hour access, printing, warehouse and office equipment, coffee, vending, etc.).

Above market rents, but with the ultimate flexibility for the small business entrepreneur.

We have opened Kefi Space in the Heights.
7055 Old Katy Road and we are leasing up at better than 10% a month!

Added to it we will take advantage of:

  • Mail services (fee-based)
  • Package storage (fee-based)
  • Co-working (fee-based)
  • Virtual office (fee-based)
  • Ready labor (fee-based)
  • 3PL – picking packing and shipping (fee-based)
  • Pallet short-term storage (fee-based)
  • Conference room rental (fee-based)

The services we offer exceed what a normal warehouse would offer.

  • 24-hour access

  • Cameras throughout

  • Loading docks

  • Dedicated docks available

  • Private warehouse spaces (rented per sq. ft.)

The other benefit to our Series 1 offering is that we have this first location in the Heights right next door to the Range Rover Dealer, and Jaguar Dealer, and across the street from Star Motors & Aston Martin. It is an upscale area, it is called, “the Design District”.

 We have to option to purchase for $12,300,000 or appraised value.

The carrot is 30 days after we signed our lease (10 years with two 5-year options), Tesla offered $12,800,000. (I have verified this from JLL).  This was significant as the appraised value in December 2021 was $8,500,000.

So they offered 150% over the then appraised value!  They did not take it as our deal was already signed.

Now I understand that at I-10 & 610 on the Northeast side of the street that business park was purchased by Ferrari!  Lord knows Ferrari needed a new location and it does not hurt the value of our property either.  Also right nearby the new Houston to Dallas Bullet Train terminal will be located at the Northwest Mall Property.

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We plan to sell the building at the end of our lease or one of the extended periods and the profit will be distributed to all investors.

By then we will have multiple locations throughout multiple cities.

Please let me know if we can meet and discuss this!

Also, we are planning on expanding this to our current Sugar Land “revenue generating” Business Park, Imperial Business Park, then venture to other NFL cities.

Existing investors will have the first right to invest in future developments.

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