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The story of Kefi Spaces is briefly explained… David Fisher an entrepreneur at heart with many years of experience in the small business sector and his wife Laura Fisher, a process-driven professional, were looking to grow and provide solutions that make a difference in the business community. They detected that many small companies cannot find warehouse spaces without the obligation of signing a long-term contract since they are generally for a minimum of 5 years.  There is no guarantee for the continued existence of young/newly created businesses or active permanence for a period close to that contracted in the usual places and they do not have integrated solutions for the best operation.

The way to solve a problem…

In the last few years, small enterprises have emerged with specific needs that have not been met by the spaces that currently exist. Circumstances have put them in danger of permanence due to the costs they have had to pay for the proper necessities to operate not to mention the reduction in profits obtained).

Therefore, the Fishers created Kefi Spaces as an opportunity to achieve growth in the storage space to meet the individual needs of companies. They focused on small companies facing storage-related complications and payment of their daily expenses (not to mention the different services they need for the complete operation of their business).

Kefi Spaces’ dimensions vary from 1,000 to 10,000 square feet without a long-term contract. It is an all-in-one solution for storage needs with extra benefits such as cafeteria service, office space, printing services, internet connection, meeting, and conference rooms, furnished rooms, an e-commerce fulfillment center, and co-working, to mention a few.

What more?

The availability of parcel/courier collection and delivery from Kefi Spaces. The facility is an extra benefit that allows customers to avoid traveling to different transportation companies; one aspect that Kefi Spaces has considered as a factor that differentiates them from others.

This way, the old individual contracts for each of the services, are left in the past, now that customers have what they need in one location without setbacks.

Bonus benefits

By contracting Kefi Spaces, the customer can modify (by adding or reducing) their storage space, which they can use in the shared environment where they enjoy fiber optic internet, a receptionist, telephone service, shipping and delivery services, boardrooms, or conference rooms; which reduces the cost of operation for their companies.

Before and after

The peace of mind that businesses are in good hands is a guarantee offered by Kefi Spaces with the advantage of flexible contracting without prohibitive obligations. Kefi Spaces was created and designed for business owners. The customer profile may have the following characteristics:  small business owners (less than 50M USD), e-commerce businesses, or any company that has inventory for operations, ages between 24 and 45 years of indistinct gender, and with high school education. This was made for business owners who are looking for an efficient way to reduce costs, increase their sales, and give value to every penny they use in their businesses, and in return, get more for their money.

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About Kefi Spaces

Heights Location
7055 Old Katy Road
Houston, Texas 77024

T: (713) 661-2701