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It is no doubt the coworking model has grown tremendously in the last few years, this concept has allowed us to see there is such thing as a co-living ecosystem with perfect strangers and still get the most to stay and be productive and grow your business.  As we get to explore that coworking is a rapid growth possible, we came to see that co-warehousing is another big possibility to co-exist, co-share, co-live in the same environment which becomes ideal for distributing companies and e-commerce startups, which is booming right now.

The main reason co-warehousing has become a possibility is really the economic and political climate that has caused trade and tariffs to fluctuate, becoming very difficult for some startups to make long-term commitments.  In order to maintain an alternative to this market and away from the expensive approach, which is a traditional warehouse, we’ve brought to Space City, Houston, a short-term and flexible option; co-warehousing.   Although is a known term and business concept in other parts of the country, we are truly proud to announce, we are one of the first providers to bring a co-warehousing solution to help e-commerce startups and distributors stay in business with flexible options that gives the ability to grow at their own pace, and really at their own pace.

Kefi Spaces offers scalable options to adapt to your ideal space needs, with month-to-month and long-term options available, with fulfillment centers in place, coworking memberships to take it to a pro-level, and other great perks to make it a one-stop-solution for you and your business.   Kefi Spaces is here to solve the hardest part of running an e-commerce and/or distribution business, we’re helping business owners find their own version of success with all-inclusive options that fit their unique needs.  Plus, you get to connect, learn, and grow; it’s really that simple!

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