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This type of customer is called a buyer persona and is the one who will buy from you most often, the one who will take advantage of the solution offered by your product or service, and the one who has the potential to become an advocate for your brand.

If your strategy is aimed at the public (and not your ideal customer, in particular), there is a risk of offering your articles to consumers who don’t fit with your proposal or who, much less, will have a lasting relationship with your deal.

Marketing efforts will be more efficient if they are directed to the right audience who needs and wants what you put on sale.


An example of a buyer persona:

This figure has a name, interests, aspirations, and desires that must be considered when creating any digital marketing content or action. But there is still more, to define an example of a buyer persona, we can ask ourselves:

  • What does this person do?
  •  What is his/her personality like?
  •  What does he/she do in his/her day-to-day or on weekends?
  •  What are his/her artistic or sports tastes?
  •  What things does he/she want or need?
  •  What are their challenges, and what does your brand have to offer that can help them?

Advantages of designing your buyer persona:

• Define the topics of interest for your e-mail marketing campaign or content planning in general.
• Define the tone and voice of your brand, assertively, fully understanding what will be most attractive to your audience.
• It allows for obtaining a more human and detailed vision, compared with the data provided by the analysis of the target audience.
• It enables you to work with a concrete scheme, with clear and tangible data, instead of abstract estimates.
• Being clear about the target enables to design and implement better-oriented business strategies.
• Understanding where your customers or potential customers look for information allows you to offer them value right there.

With all this clear information, you can be sure of who the target is for each of the actions.

With well-developed research, a character is built and represents the best kind of consumer for your business.


The efforts will have great results!

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