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By Alex Castañeda

Why Use Co-Warehousing?

In today’s times, over 2.5 million people own an e-commerce business, it’s actually rare if someone doesn’t. Many times, is a business that is run at home by one person. It is known that most of the e-commerce shops are run as a side business, or a side hustle to make extra money.  Now, what happens when the person running the business wants to grow? What happens when the business is not only to make something extra but to actually bring a paycheck home?  These businesses, and their owners, usually have their entire inventory in their own homes, and that’s fine when you’re sending 10, 20, or maybe 50 orders a month.  But what if, you have to send over 100 orders or more. It can be tricky to manage an e-commerce business without space and a lack of inventory management.  To truly grow, and make your side hustle a true business, you need to scale your space and make it happen. That’s why Kefi Spaces exists.

Kefi Spaces is a co-warehouse facility. This means that you share the warehouse with other e-commerce owners like you. Kefi Spaces provides warehouse space of any size you want. It can be large, tiny, or in between. It’s a place to keep all your inventory organized and ready to go.

How Does This Help My E-Commerce Business?

The way Kefi Spaces can help your e-commerce business is by giving you the opportunity to grow your business out of home, scale it, ship more orders, automate your processes, and increase your warehouse space needs as your business takes off.  Now, co-warehousing doesn’t mean your next-door Kefi Space neighbor will invade your space, it means you don’t pay crazy money for excessive space, you pay for the space you need, you have a fence and/or walls around, and you manage your orders with ease.

Kefi Spaces are always looking to help its customers, find a Kefi Spaces near you, their co-warehousing approach is the way to grow without the overheads a big space brings.  Think about it this way, those e-commerce business owners can now be productive, be sensational at what they do, and have their dream come true with an established business.

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