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Here are a few points to consider if you’re trying to decide between a warehouse or a storage unit. Would you like to store inventory but run your business from the same space? Or would you like to store inventory only? Both warehouses and storage units have unique benefits, which is why deciding which option is best for you can be challenging.
Warehousing is a commercial space to store and run your business. These are used by retailers, manufacturers, and distributors looking to have many goods stored and still fulfill or run their business from the same space. A/C and non-A/C units are available; however, Kefi Spaces is the only facility in Houston to offer air-conditioned warehouse suites.
Storage is usually a climate or non-climate-controlled space that allows you to store household items or business goods but does not allow you to work from the storage space.
Key Differences:
  • Capacity – Warehouses accommodate a larger quantity of goods, while a storage is meant for smaller items.
  • Location – Warehouses are usually centric, with easy access to highways to deliver goods with standard and freight transportation companies. While a storage is usually located in a residential area, and access to freight transportation may be limited due to spacing constraints.
  • Security – Warehouses typically have more comprehensive security systems in place to protect their contents, while a storage may not have the same security measures.
  • Duration – The duration for which goods are stored in warehousing is generally much longer than storage.
  • Amenities – Warehouses offer additional services such as packaging, shipping, and transportation, while storage units do not offer these services. Warehouses have access to internet connection and other amenities making it easier to run your business. At the same time, a storage does not offer such services as a business is not designed to be run from a storage unit.
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