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What’s the definition of a perfect work environment to you? Would it be difficult to find it? Would it be hard to set up? 

The definition of a perfect work environment will most likely be different for every person you ask.

The answer is knowing the differences between the companies that work at a desk station the majority of the time, and the companies that need a warehouse setting. If you are selling digital goods, you won’t need a warehouse for your inventory. If you are running an e-commerce business that sells physical items, then you will need a warehouse in the future. As I said in my previous article, Three Ways to Know Your E-Commerce Business Has Outgrown Your Home, it will get stressful to keep running your e-commerce business from home. There are a few flaws with most warehouse facilities, to work in them, there isn’t any A/C. Unless you have a fan, you’ll be sweating, and if you’re from Texas like me, that’s no way to work.  There are only a handful of warehouse facilities that offer A/C, and you’re actually reading about one right now.

On top of looking for a facility with A/C, you have to make sure it is a turnkey opportunity, what this means is that you want to make sure it’s really all-inclusive to avoid the overhead of paying extra for A/C service, security, internet, you name it!  Now, let’s say you don’t want to go all-inclusive and instead you want to buy things on your own to equip your “warehouse space”.  Let’s take into consideration, warehouse spaces, these tend to be huge, and trapping the cool air on a hot day can get tricky.  Equipping to work in a somewhat cool environment and not burn to death from the heat can get very expensive.

Finding the perfect work environment is not always about the price or how you can manage some of the utilities, the equipment, and so on, it really comes down to how you can work efficiently and if you have employees, how can they stay productive.  The answer always starts with a good work environment, and it all starts with the place, aka the facility.   Look at all your options, and if you need a place to get an idea or simply get started, book a tour.  Visit our site

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