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The rental of a warehouse is ideal for organizing a workspace and an office. With these spaces, you can keep tidy and the workflow of your business and employees can be arranged.

If your collaborators, co-workers, or employees receive excessive emails, you will probably need to update your collaboration tools.

Overall, there are many reasons why team leaders can escalate the use of team management applications and Kefi Spaces advises you on the best teamworking tools to use.

Team management apps help keep everybody in a workgroup on the same page and help with making things happen.

With these apps, it’s easier to connect with team members and quickly learn what they need before issues arise.

To choose the best tool for your team, you should take into account:

  • Specific Team Requirements: What are your team’s issues? Is this a problem or a project management issue? Communication? Deadlines? Look for an app that closes gaps and helps address those needs.
  • Ease of use: How simple is it to use the app? Should your team learn to use all of the features provided by the tool?
  • Special Features: How does an application differentiate it from others? Are its extra features useful to you and do they meet your team’s specific needs?
  • Implementation and integration: Does the app work with current programs in your business? Does it work with the computers, smartphones, and other devices your work team uses?
  • Bandwidth: How much does the app support? Does the application provide proper storage of documents (if any)? Are your team members able to set up an account and use it easily?
  • Budget: How much will it cost you monthly or do you have the budget to spend on a team management app?

By answering these questions, you can take decisions and implement the following tools:

  • Project management. This ensures a correct workflow for effective coordination considering the progress of tasks and the follow-up of objectives. Options include Monday, Asana, Dapulse, and Proofhub.
  • Communication with the team. The communication channel is essential for collaboration in a company. With instant messaging and video conferencing apps, you’ll be able to maintain immediate contact with your team members, streamline processes, and solve situations that need immediate attention. Those that stand out for their effectiveness are Flowdock, GoToMeeting, and Slack.
  • Collaboration at the same time. Your team activities probably require you to attend routinely and simultaneously. For these cases, there is Google Drive, Igloo, and Codingteam.

All the previous options mentioned can be useful, but it depends on your needs, your budget, and the degree of satisfaction.

At Kefi Spaces you will be able to have the accessibility to the best performance from the tools that it recommends.

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