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2022 was foreseen as a year of opportunities and for innovation in the digital market, as online sales since 2019 were impacted by great changes. Therefore, trends and new ways emerged to adapt to market demands.
Similarly, these are the expected trends in e-commerce to be considered and not be left behind by the enormous competition.

Live streams
Seen as a powerful sales tool where products are demonstrated by online stores. More information about them is offered by answering questions, and the sale is accelerated through links.

Variety in deliveries
Outstandingly, logistics has become a field sought after now more than ever. For this reason, more and better solutions have been developed for this field. It’s an essential tool in e-commerce.

Voice searches
In recent years, what should prevail is immediacy, and even writing speed is being demanded. Due to this requirement, searches in browsers are already carried out by voice, and the field of sales is the most consulted under this modality. Do not neglect the SEO of web pages.

Content marketing
One of the objectives of marketing is to encourage purchases, improve the user experience, and increase clicks, traffic, and sales. The instruments with the greatest impact and most used to present companies or products are short videos and podcasts.

They are the places with the highest number of visits by consumers. That is where the clients are, because they have found a greater response and a complete service.

Social selling
Social networks can display any content. They are used to getting closer to customers; however, the ease of making transactions on these platforms must be included to close sales.

One of the objectives of e-commerce is to be at the forefront and adapt to sudden changes. To maintain and grow, it’s necessary to have business digitization.


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